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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Connectivity

The CMC Laboratory uses CayugaConnect (our EMR connectivity solution, through our collaboration with Mayo Medical Laboratories) to manage electronic orders and results from client EMR’s. Bidirectional data transfer requires less manual data entry, decreases clerical workload and significantly reduces clerical errors. Standing order management is more automated and reliable. This significantly decreases the number of phone calls and faxes needed today, saving physician office staff time and frustrations.

Cayuga Lab Test Catalog

  • Test pricing (“list price”)
  • Test information and schedules
  • Specimen collection requirements
  • Technical bulletins
  • Home phlebotomy services
  • Specimen rejection information
  • Forms
  • Patient instructions
  • Reflex testing
  • Specimen stability information
  • Testing algorithms for efficient clinical protocols.

Reference Laboratory: Mayo Clinic Laboratories

The Mayo Medical Clinic serves as the official reference laboratory for Cayuga Medical Center. In this role, Mayo Clinic Laboratories (MCL) performs tests that are done infrequently and tests for rare conditions that require special expertise and equipment. Genetic testing for certain familial cancers, inherited metabolic diseases, and bleeding disorders are among the types of tests for which Cayuga Medical Center uses MCL. However, the Cayuga Medical Center Laboratory is now doing more molecular diagnostic and prognostic testing here in Ithaca and this trend will continue.

The Mayo Clinic is a highly regarded academic center that offers reference laboratory services. Unlike other commercial labs, the Mayo Clinic has a distinct mission: to assist their collaborating labs as they grow and acquire additional expertise. We work closely with our colleagues at Mayo to increase lab efficiencies, expand our capabilities, and make our laboratory service as seamless and dependable as possible. Our tech staff benefits from educations courses and weekly teleconferences, which help us as we adopt new technologies and expand our own abilities in esoteric testing.

For more information or to set up services, please contact:

Deborah Mansfield, BSMT 
Manager of Laboratory Outreach 
(607) 274-4474 or

Brian Porter 
Laboratory Outreach Supervisor 
(607) 274-4474 or

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