Person-centered care is more than hospitality. It is more than amenities and inviting surroundings. Person-centered care creates positive impressions and satisfying experiences, but beyond that, it improves lives. Person-centered care creates workplaces that energize and inspire joy at work. It improves health outcomes and unites communities around health and wellness.

Planetree Inc. is a consumer healthcare organization dedicated to humanizing health care. The Planetree, or sycamore tree, is the tree under which Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, sat when he began teaching his medical students many centuries ago.

Planetree’s Certification for Excellence in Person-Centered Care represents the highest mark of achievement for creating an organizational culture that engages patients, families, staff, and the community to improve overall health and well-being.

Cayuga Health is proud to be a member of the Planetree network and on the journey towards certification in Person-Centered Care.

Person and Family Engagement in Healthcare

When patients and families are partners in planning and making decisions about their care, health outcomes are better, patient experience and satisfaction improves, and often, costs are lower.

Healthcare professionals need to partner with patients and families to ensure that your care matches your values, preferences, and goals. This means that you need to have conversations with healthcare providers about what health means to you, what you value, what you like, what your goals are for your health, and what you need from them in order to live your healthiest life.

Creating a Culture of Caring for Staff

Healthcare professionals give tremendous amounts of themselves―both physically and emotionally –to their work. Every day (and into the night) healthcare workers have the privilege —but also bear the burden —of being with individuals at their most vulnerable. They bear witness to tragedy and heartbreak, crisis and dysfunction. They work with patients, families and colleagues through immense stress, fear, sadness, guilt and pressure.

The physical and emotional toll of this work is significant. The effects can be long lasting and pervasive, affecting not only the healthcare professional, but patients and families in their care, and the organization for whom they work.

We strive every day to acknowledge and be responsive to the experience of staff, which is fundamental to person-centeredness. 

Improving the Health of Our Community

Person-centered care doesn’t end once you leave our facility. Your health outcomes depend on your ability to manage your care, adopt healthy behaviors and access needed services. We will partner with you to put in place strategies to leverage community resources to help you create a more person-centered continuum of care.

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