Making A Gift
Making a Gift to the Cayuga Medical Center Foundation

Making a Gift to the Cayuga Medical Center Foundation


Thank you for considering a donation to the Cayuga Medical Center Foundation.


At Cayuga Medical Center, we are deeply invested in remaining a strong, independent, locally controlled and operated health-care system. This enables us to be truly responsive to our community and to deliver the care our patients need and deserve. Comprehensive health care services also play a crucial role for local businesses and organizations to grow and thrive and attract talented newcomers. Your gift will help us sustain this vision and fulfill our mission.


Designating your gift


You may designate your gift for our general endowment fund or toward one of our fundraising initiatives. You can also specify your gift in memory or honor of someone, or designate it to help celebrate a special anniversary or event.


To learn more about making a gift to Cayuga Medical Center, just click on the links below:


  Contacting Us with Your Gift

  Giving Options, Planned Giving, Annuities, and Trusts

  Gifts other than Monetary Funds

  Events of Interest

  Celebrating Others Through Your Gift

  Choosing the Path for Your Gift

  Do You prefer to Give Your Time, Effort, and Spirit?

  Our Heartfelt Thanks

Contacting Us with Your Gift


Giving is easy!  Here are the ways to contact us with your gift:


   Day or night, just click on this link to make a secure gift on line. Your information is carefully protected and the form takes just a few moments to fill out.


  Would you prefer to speak with someone in person? You are welcome to call Steve Savage, Executive Director of the Cayuga Medical Center Foundation at 607-274-4284.


  If you’d like to send a check through the mail, you can send it to:

     Cayuga Medical Center Foundation

     101 Dates Drive

     Ithaca, NY 14850 


     Please make the check payable to: Cayuga Medical Center Foundation.

     Thank you! 


Giving Options


There are many options for supporting Cayuga Medical Center.


Outright cash donation: Online, by phone, or by mail, you can make an outright donation of funds. 


Pledges can also be arranged on line or by speaking with Steve Savage at (607) 274-4284. We are pleased to accept pledges within a three-year time frame. 


Matching gifts can sometimes be arranged through your employer. The Human Resources department where you work will let you know if a matching gift is an option for you.


Appreciated securities and stocks not only provide excellent support for the hospital, but making such a gift to the Cayuga Medical Center benefits you, as well by reducing your capital gains tax or providing a charitable deduction on your income tax. 


Planned giving


Below you’ll find some of the many kinds of opportunities for planned giving. 

If you know you’d like to help but are not sure which option is perfect for you, please call Steve Savage at 607-274-4284. He will be happy to talk with you. You may also want to discuss your choice with your lawyer or tax accountant to make sure your arrangements are in good order. Deductibility varies in percentage among different kinds of gifts. Some of the options for planned giving follow:


Charitable gift annuity:   A charitable gift annuity is an arrangement by which you put some quantity of assets in the name of the Cayuga Medical Center Foundation. In turn, we commit to providing you or a beneficiary with a certain level and frequency of fixed payments taken from the income on those securities through your lifetime. At the end of the specified period, the principal reverts to the Cayuga Medical Center. Such an arrangement can represent substantial tax savings, both on income and estate taxes. These annuities can be tailor made to suit your preferences in terms of payees, schedules, etc.


Charitable remainder annuity trust

Under this plan, the donor places in trust a certain quantity of assets, and payments are made to the donor or beneficiary at an agreed-on rate and schedule throughout the donor and beneficiary’s lifetime(s). At the end of the beneficiary period, the assets are transferred to the Cayuga Medical Center Foundation. This plan allows the donor to take a tax deduction in the year that the trust is established.


Charitable remainder unitrust

This arrangement follows the basic blueprint of a charitable remainder annuity trust; however, rather than pay a fixed amount of income to the donor, the grantee pays an agreed-upon percentage of the assets’ yield to the donor. Additionally, the donor may, if she or he chooses, increase the funding base with additional assets over time. 


This is a variation on a charitable remainder annuity trust. Under this arrangement, the CMC Foundation sets up a pooled income fund by which more than one donor can participate in the same giving plan. 


Revocable living trust

Under a revocable living trust, the grantor transfers the legal ownership of the assets concerned to the trust. This arrangement differs from that of an irrevocable trust in that the grantor may amend the terms of or discontinue the trust at any time. 


Events of Interest


We welcome your participation in events that celebrate our fundraising initiatives. Click here to see our calendar of recent and upcoming events. 


Celebrating Others Through Your Gift


The Cayuga Medical Center is always glad to be a part of paying tribute to a special person or people or a celebrated event. If you make a gift in honor of a person, the Cayuga Medical Center Foundation will be pleased to send a notice to the honoree. Of course, the specific amount of the gift will be held in confidence. 


Another way to pay tribute is by including in an obituary the suggestion that honorific donations be made to the medical center. (“Gifts in honor of [name] may be made to the Cayuga Medical Center Foundation, 101 Dates, Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850”)


The name of the honoree will be displayed in our annual report if so desired.  Naming opportunities exist for substantial gifts of support. 

Choosing the Path for Your Gift


Who chooses the way your money will be spent? You do. You may designate your gift for our general endowment fund or toward one of our fundraising initiatives. You can read about our current initiatives or call CMC Foundation executive director Steve Savage for more information.


Do You prefer to Give Your Time, Effort, and Spirit?


We have over 200 volunteers at Cayuga Medical Center, and they bring light and life to our hospital. Their welcoming faces brighten the atmosphere of many hospital departments, as well as our Gift Shop on the first floor. To learn more about the ways in which you can participate, just click on Volunteers


Our Heartfelt Thanks


All gifts to the Cayuga Medical Center Foundation receive a personal thank-you letter from our president and CEO, John Rudd. These letters may be used for tax purposes. We customarily thank our donors publicly in the medical center’s annual report. However, if you wish to remain anonymous we will rigorously safeguard your privacy. 


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