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Sleep Hygiene Rules

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1. Select a standard wake-up time
Use every day regardless of the sleep you obtain on any particular night.
2. Use the bed only for sleeping
Do not read, eat, watch TV, etc. in bed. Sexual activity is the only exception.
3. Get up when you can't sleep.
When you are unable to sleep, get up and go to another room until you feel sleepy enough to fall asleep quickly before returning to bed. Get up again if sleep does not come on quickly.
4. Don't worry, plan, etc., in bed.
If such mental activities come on automatically in bed, get up and stay up until you can return to bed without these mental activities interfering with your sleep.
5. Avoid daytime napping.
Napping, particularly in the late afternoon or early evening may interfere with you night's sleep.
6. Go to bed when you are sleepy, but not before the time suggested.
Long periods of time in bed will lead to shallow, fragmented sleep. You should only spend the amount of time in bed that you actually need for sleep. Adherence to the bedtime and wake time suggested for you below should help you overcome your persistent sleep problem.

My standard rising time is: ____________________
My earliest bedtime is: ________________________

Other Helpful Practices
1. Limit caffeine and alcohol.
2. Avoid steady use sleeping pills.
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Schedule quiet time before bed.
5. Keep bedroom quiet, dark, and cool.
5. Try a light bedtime snack such as milk, peanut butter, or cheese.

Above all BE PATIENT!

Your sleep problem developed over time so it will take some time to return to a more normal sleep pattern. By following these suggestions you should see gradual sleep improvements.

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